📅 Visitor Management

Help Visitors On-Board Easily and Quickly

Get visitors self onboard and reduce administrative efforts

Track visitors with controlled access to the office resources.

Audit visitors over time to understand frequency and utilisation

How It Works

1) Configure visitor privileges

2) Administrator grant
access to the visitors

3) Track visitor activity

Determine which areas are accessible by the visitors and the desks
they can use

Company administrator can quickly grant limited access using Perspective app when visitor arrives

Generate visitor activity report to understand how visitors are
using the workplace

Track All Visitors

Getting insight into visitor activity will help you tailor their user experience as well as setup security measures to protect company IP. 

Group 338

Audit how many visitors accessed your workplace and when

Group 338

Get an insight into access provisioning of the visitors

Group 338

Track visitor activity to understand resource utilisation

Track visitors1

Restrict Visitor Access To Limited Areas
And Equipment Around The Workplace

Group 484

Control Visitor Access Around The Workplace

Configure visitors with specific privileges to control their access and activity around the workplace.

Group 338

Set-up designated areas and resources for the visitors

Group 338

Protect company IP by restricting access to prohibited areas

Group 338

Find out which resources are accessed by the visitors

Get Visitors To Self On-Board And Reduce

Labour-Intensive Administration Efforts

Visitor Self On-Boarding

Visitors can self on-board prior to attending the office to save valuable time on administration.

Group 338

Enhance visitor experience without the need to queue up to sign-in.

Group 338

Contactless sign-in to enhance health and safety.

Group 338

Plan required logisitics such as catering in advance to maximise client experience.

Protect company IP