Utilisation Optimiser

Smart insights to help you maximise real estate usage and productivity.

Measure space usage at your workplace

Repurpose unused space to increase workplace productivity

Design your workplace to support flexible workforce

💰 How much can you SAVE?

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Capture actual usage

Allowing users to book in advance and then checking-in on the day will allow you to capture actual usage of the workplace. Using this information, you will be able structure the workplace for maximum usage.

Get stats to confirm actual usage of the workplace
Structure the workplace for maximum utilisation

Repurpose unused space to maximise productivity 

Use data to predict the future requirements of your real estate

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Optimise workspace based on stats

Having access to utilisation stats and usage patterns, you will be able to finetune your workplace further to accommodate needs of your workforce.

Identify underutilised areas and turn them into what is lacking at your workplace

Distribute peak and off-peak resources evenly

Reshape workplace in response to changing needs of the business

Get your workplace right-sized based on utilisation analytics

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Monitor usage trend across the property portfolio

Monitoring usage trend over time will allow you to forecast future utilisation and make informative decision when real estate lease is due for renewal

Plan future leasing based on usage trend in the past

Get insights into property portfolio and distribute usage to eliminate waste

Design workplace to accommodate different needs and requirements of the workforce