🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Team Rostering

Build And Gather Your Team To
Maximise Collaboration

Book workspaces for the whole team

Get teams booked in for days or months in advance

Get team members seated close to each other to foster collaboration

How It Works

1) Create schedule for the team

Using perspective web, employees can roster desk booking for their teams for one or multiple days in advance.

2) Book desks close to each other

Using the easy selection feature in perspective web, employees can book desks close to each other so that their teams are seated together.

2) Lockout infected areas

Areas identified to be in contact within the potential spread can be disabled so that employees cannot book them.

Team Bookings 2 1

Seat Teams Together

Find workspaces close together and get your team members sitting closer to each other.

Group 338

Co-locate small or large teams for easier interaction

Group 338

Boost team productivity by getting them together

Group 338

Encourage team bonding

Get your team together for a focused collaboration

Find your team and start collaborating

Find your team members fast and make the most of your day at work.

Group 338

Find where your team is sitting

Group 338

Connect with your team for highly productive sessions

Group 338

Find a space close to your team and check-in

Group 338

Limit your visibility to your teams and avoid distractions

Group 469

Find a workspace closer to your team for
fast access and easier interaction

Team Bookings 1

Manage Multiple Teams

Align your availability at the workplace with the team you are planning to work with

Group 338

Organise breakout sessions with different teams

Group 338

Work on time critical projects with your teams

Group 338

Limit your visibility at the workplace just to your teams