💛 Safety & Security Tracing

Enhance Safety Of COVID Infected Areas
And Stop The Spread

Trace resources and users who might have been in contact with COVID

Take preventative actions to contain the spread

Notify users of the impact to allow for self isolation

How It Works

1) Notify impacted employees

Trace the potential extent of the spread and notify all related employees so that they can take appropriate steps to protect their health.

2) Lockout infected areas

Areas identified to be in contact within the potential spread can be disabled so that employees cannot book them.

Track User Activity

Track user activity over a period of time to understand the scale of potential spread of COVID and prepare health and safety strategy around it. 

Group 338

Track employee activity around the workplace

Group 338

Identify which resources are to be sanitised

Group 338

Notify users who interacted and need to get tested and/or self isolate


Promote positive health and safety culture at your workplace


Contain the spread

Identify resources and users who were in close contact with the COVID impacted employee and take preventative measures to contain the spread.

Group 338

Get a list of potentially impacted users

Group 338

Block access to impacted areas

Group 338

Manage access of impacted users

Use your own device to book and avoid the spread of germs

Organise sanitisation activities

Organise sanitisation activities occurance based on the utilisation to establish a healthy regime at your workplace and put forward your best defence against COVID.

Group 338

Identify which areas need sanitisation

Group 338

Organise sanitisation activities

Group 338

Keep your workplace health in check