🏢 Desk Designation

100% Customisable Desk Sharing
Throughout Your Workplace

Fully customise desk set-up to meet specific needs of the organisation

Apply physical distancing guidelines and be in compliance with the health and safety regulations

Control the flow of users and maintain high levels of safety

How It Works

1) Structure your workplace to get teams seated together

Partition floors into neighborhoods so that teams can be grouped and are able to co-locate when in the office.

2) Assign teams to relevant areas in the workplace

Expand neighborhoods to include more teams or move teams between neighborhoods to balance utilisation around the workplace.

3) Create areas for
open desk sharing

Convert underutilised neighbourhoods into open desk sharing spaces so that employees from different areas of the business can collaborate.

100% Customisable Desk Sharing

Assign or lock out desks for specific staff to provide maximum seating flexibility in any office environment

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Customise desk sharing to cater for the dynamic nature of agile teams

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Assign designated desks based on staff seniority, job functions and team functions

Group 338

Mix different workspace settings to cater for different needs of each team in your organisation

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Create On Demand Neighbourhoods To Maintain Physical Distancing Between Teams And Individuals

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Apply Physical Distancing

Perspective provides the functionality to apply physical separation between desks to keep the workplace safe.

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Lockout workspaces to maintain physical distancing guidelines

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Maintain high levels of health and safety compliance

Group 338

Setup user privilege to manage desks to be excluded from booking

Set-up The Workplace To Control The Flow Of Users

Control The Flow Of Users

Setup your workplace for both predictable and dynamic nature of the users

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Designate users to specific workspaces and areas

Group 338

Control access to workplace resources and equipment

Group 338

Limit the number of staff by the maximum number of bookable desks