✅ Desk Assignment

Pre-assign desks or enable sharing

Assign designated desks based on organisational hierarchy.

Align allowed number of users in the building with the number of bookable workspaces.
Organise the workplace to maintain social distancing guidelines.
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Shared workspaces

Give employees full flexibility to book any available workspace from a pool of shared workspaces.

Reduce workstations to a right shareable amount.

Setup user privilege to book one or many workspaces.

Get employees collaborating with different teammates.

Structure workplace to align closely with the usage.

Implement org structure in the workplace and automate access

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Fixed desk allocation

Organisations where hierarchical structure is mandatory to the success of their operation, having fixed desk allocation will enable correct level of administration and governance.

Designate users to specific workspaces and areas

Set equipment to meet specific requirements of the team.

Manage access to workplace resources.

Monitor activity and re-structure based on stats.

Get different teams connected and collaborating

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Hybrid work environment

Setup your workplace for both predictable and dynamic nature of the users.

Create neighborhoods where teammates can sit near each other to work and collaborate.

Setup shared workspaces to encourage cross-team collaboration.

Convert underutilized spaces into a dynamic setting that is accessible by everyone.