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Amazing features

Perspective offers some amazing features that are tuned to meet the needs of employees
and make them adapt to the Flexible Working Environment faster and conveniently.

Desk & Room Booking

Pre-book a desk in less than 30 seconds without wasting valuable chargeable time on desk finding.

Utilisation Optimiser

Optimise desk utilisation with our foolproof real-time dashboard so you can cut inventory cost and boost productivity

Team Assembly

Create, locate and book team desking in seconds to maximise collaboration and team performance.

Guest access

Help guests pre-book desks before the meeting so you can get straight to business without wasting time on way finding

Smart Locker Access

Pre-book the best available locker closest to the booked desk so staff can minimise time spent on accessing their belongings

Fault reporting

Help businesses identify faulty equipment instantly to minimise desk down time and loss of productivity

Desk Designation

Assign or lock out specific desks for specific staff to provide maximum seating flexiblity in any office environment

Staff Tracing

Keep records of staff seating for up to XX days to allow tracing of staff in an event of virus outbreak or security breach.

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