📱 Remote Access

Accessing Lockers Remotely
Is Now Secure and Simple

Connect with your locker remotely

Delegate access to your locker temporarily if you are not reachable

Have a shareable locker for the whole team

Access Lockers Remotely

Book, access or release your locker remotely and conveniently using the DiscovrLock app on your phone.

Group 338

No need to manage key or card to access your locker

Group 338

Have your locker booked prior to coming in the office

Group 338

Release your locker remotely if you can’t come to the office

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Need something in your locker but can’t reach it? Now you can delegate locker access to others safely

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Delegate Locker Access

DiscovrLock allows users to delegate their locker access to colleagues to retrieve possessions on their behalf without compromising security.

Group 338

Delegate access for a limited time period

Group 338

Get notified when locker is accessed

Group 338

Cancel delegation if there is a change of plan

Team lockers are ideal for exchanging shared documents and tools amongst team members

Team Locker Sharing

Setup a team locker to store shared resources and maximise productivity

Group 338

Team members can access locker using DiscorvrLock app on their phone

Group 338

Access report will keep track of all accesses to the locker

Group 338

Shareable items will be stored securely at the office premises

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