🔔 Key Notifications

Lockers powered by DiscovrLock
self-report their status to enable diagnostics.

Take faulty lockers offline for maintenance

Users know the status of their locker in real-time

Faulty lockers self-report

All lockers with DiscovrLock technology report their status periodically. This allows you to take pre-emptive actions to fix the faulty lockers and minimise disruption at your workplace. 

Group 338

Receive notification when lockers go faulty

Group 338

Take faulty lockers offline for diagnosis

Group 338

Monitor lockers for faults and manage potential disruptions


Self-reporting lockers will let you prevent potential disruptions at your workplace


Manage locker outages

Knowing about the locker outages as soon as they occur will enable pre-emptive actions to bring them online so that user complaints can be minimised. 

Group 338

Receive notification when lockers go offline

Group 338

Find out which lockers are booked and gone offline

Group 338

Notify users of the locker outage

Knowing the status of your locker will give you peace of mind for the belongings that are stored in it.

Get real-time locker updates

Know the status of your locker in real-time to ensure that your belongings stored in it are safe and secure.

Group 338

Get notified if your locker has been left open for a long period of time.

Group 338

Take action if there has been an unauthorised access to your locker

Group 338

Find out if your locker is offline so that admin can help you access your belongings

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