👫 Guest Access

Easily manage visitor access to
lockers at your workplace

Grant visitors with a temporary access to designated lockers

Access gets revoked after predetermined time limit is reached

Track locker usage by visitors

Track visitor activity

Tracking visitor activity will provide an insight into locker usage by visitors so that their experience can be enhanced.

Group 338

Manage locker utilisation efficiently

Group 338

Audit visitor locker usage

Group 338

Configure locker availability for visitors

Track visitors1

No key sharing to access lockers helps stop the spread of germs

Control visitor access

Restrict access to specific lockers

Visitor movement around the workplace can be controlled to stop unauthorised access to secure areas.

Group 338

Place visitor lockers away from the secured areas

Group 338

Restrict visitor access to specific lockers 

Group 338

Configure time limit to control visitor access to the lockers

Keep visitor lockers away from secured areas to protect your workplace from unauthorised access

Prevent unauthorised access

Grant visitors with access to specific lockers to prevent access to unauthorised areas.

Group 338

Keep secure areas protected

Group 338

Monitor activity in real-time

Group 338

Control access times to the lockers

Group 561