📌Fast & Easy Locker Allocation

Provisioning access to lockers
is made simple with DiscovrLock

Configure user groups to access one or more locker banks

Manage user privileges to book multiple lockers

Digital access means no key or card management

Environmentally friendly solution helping you cut down the use of plastic cards or other materials

Easy Allocation

Granting locker access has never been easier, users can be configured to access one or more lockers.

Group 338

Locker access can be part of user on-boarding process when they join.

Group 338

Setup contractors and temporary users with  a preconfigured end date

Group 338

Assign lockers to users or make them shareable

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Manage the locker allocation process
in a simple, secure and efficient way.

Group 565

Less admin work

Cut the extra admin work required to maintain locker keys and access records.

Group 338

Easily extract locker access data from the cloud.

Group 338

Transfer access from one user to another digitally

Group 338

Revoke user access digitally when they leave

Digital keys are the safest way to access lockers

Keyless Entry

Accessing locker through DiscovrLock app guarantees safety and also adds to the user experience.

Group 338

Save on the cost of retrieving lost keys or access cards

Group 338

Time and cost to procure plastic access cards or keys can be saved with DiscovrLock

Group 338

Cutting the use of plastic locker keys cards supports environment.

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