❗ Fast & Easy locker allocation

Completely automate
the process of assinging
the locker access

Assigning locker access with one touch and keyless.

Gives you ability to manage lockers across multiple locations.

No hassle of maintaining locker key allocation data.

Helps organisation to contribute towards environment friendly practice.

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Easy Allocation

Granting locker access has never been easier, simply perform it within click of a button.

Onboarding for locker booking can be done with predetermined access timlines.


Manage the locker allocation process
in a simple, secure and efficient way.

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Less admin work

Cut the extra admin work required for maitaining key alloaction records.

Easily extract locker access data from the cloud.

100% accuracy of data sitting securely on cloud.

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Keyless Entry

Accessing lockers via mobile app gives amazing user experience and offers sustainability.

Solve the issue of staff losing locker keys every now and then.

Save on regular procurement cost of plastice key cards.

Cutting the use of plastic locker keys cards supports environment.