🔐 Easy Locker Booking

Users can book a suitable locker
simply using DiscovrLock

View available lockers across the workplace

Access your locker touch-free using DiscovrLock app

No need to manage any key or card for the locker, it is completely digital

Total flexibility

Multiple lockers at different locations can be booked remotely

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Find all available lockers at different locations

Group 338

Pick a locker that meets your requirement

Group 338

Swap to a locker closer to your new location

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Simple and easy user onboarding
with no key or card provisioning

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Hassle free booking and access

No need to manage bookings through a manual register. With DiscovrLock, users can manage their own bookings.

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Save time finding available locker

Group 338

A simple three step booking process – Find a location, pick a locker and book.

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Access or release locker digitally – no key or card needed

Personal belongings are completely safe inside DiscovrLock

Completely safe and secure

Bookings are linked to user’s digital identity and stored in the encrypted cloud environment. Unauthorised access gets reported immediately.

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Digital identity is the key to access lockers

Group 338

Forced access triggers security notification

Group 338

Mechanical errors causing unexpected behaviour get reported instantly

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