📈 Powerful Analytics and reporting

Powerful analytics and reporting
to help you optimise locker utilisation
at your workplace

Get reports tailored to your workplace requirements.

Install smart lockers to enhance user experience

Relocate or restructure lockers around your workplace based on utilisation

Smart Reporting

Real time access to monitor lockers, reporting and other management capabilities.

Group 338

Monitor locker utilisation in real-time.

Group 338

Get faulty lockers reported automatically

Group 338

Receive real-time notifications to minimise down-time 


Enhance your workplace experience with a smart locker solution


Usage Analytics

Export data and predict employee locker usage patterns by analyzing daily activities.

Group 338

Get an insight into locker usage patterns.

Group 338

Understand the frequency of usage at different times of the day.

Group 338

Analyse user preference for locker types and make informed decisions about space planning.

Being portable, DiscovrLock powered lockers can be moved around your workplace easily.

Locker relocation for better user experience

Knowing the locker utilisation at different locker banks will allow you to relocate underused lockers and achieve a better distribution. 

Group 338

Get an insight into locker utilisation

Group 338

Relocate underused lockers and free up the space

Group 338

Improve workspace efficiency