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Amazing features

Perspective offers some amazing features that are tuned to meet the needs of employees
and make them adapt to the Flexible Working Environment faster and conveniently.

Booking a desk

Users can pre-book a suitable
desk in real-time via
Perspective mobile app

Real-time dashboard

Administrator can access smart
reports through an interactive
and real-time dashboard.

Creating team

Enabling teams to co-locate
and collaborate in an Flexible
Working environment

Guest access

Integrating guests in the
Flexible Working environment
and Agile Teams

Workspace visibility

Clear visibility across all
Flexible Working enabled
sites and elements.

Fault reporting

Continual Flexible Working
improvement based on
meaningful information

Privilege based access

Information tailored for the
employees based on
their privileges

Multi device access

Seamlessly accessing Flexible
Working environments and
teams through multiple devices

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