Smart Locker Solution
For Hybrid Workplaces

Get your Agile workforce connected with smart lockers
for enhanced flexibility and a great user experience

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Simple and
Quick Installation

Highly secure and
scalable solution

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100% Keyless and
Completely Mobile


Built for hybrid
working model

Lockers With Intelligence

DiscovrLock comes equipped with intelligent features which makes it perfect for modern workplaces.

Fast and easy locker allocation

Powerful analytics and reporting

Multi-device access with SOS key override

Accessible remotely and wirelessly 

Self monitoring and fault reporting

Quick installation and high portability

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Create A Future-Ready Space With Our Smart Locker Solution

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Amazing Features

Designed for hybrid workplaces and agile workforces, DiscovrLock is set to maximise productivity

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Easy Locker Booking

Users can pre-book a suitable locker via Discovrlock mobile app in real-time.


Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Optimize your workplace and operations with smart data.

Visitor Management

Guest Access

Admin can easily manage and allocate guest or visitors access to lockers onsite.

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Fast & Easy Locker Allocation

Completely automate the process of assinging the locker access.

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Remote Access

Accessing lockers remotely is now secure and simple.

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Key Notifications

Reminders of lockers left open, booking ending time period notifications.

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