Delivering high-quality digital solutions
for Australian businesses

WEQA has been helping Australian businesses achieve their vision and have a strong digital footprint in the market. Specialising in Mobile App development, IoT development and Cloud implementation, we have implemented complex solutions tailored to the requirements of our clients; successfully, on-time and within the set budget.

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Our history

Founded in 2016, WEQA established its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and started delivering high quality bespoke IT Solutions for the local businesses. With 90% of development done locally, projects run very low-risk in terms of timeline and cost. With no compromise on quality and strong focus on Scalability, Security, Reliability, Performance and User Experience, clients receive solutions that meet their vision, expectations and deadlines.

In 2019, WEQA expanded by developing its own workplace management solution called Perspective – “An interactive & intuitive mobile app that helps you access a suitable workspace and find your way around in the flexible working environment”.

In 2020, WEQA partnered with CSM Office Solutions and jointly developed state of the art Smart Lockers solution called DiscovrLock; offering keyless lockers that are accessible via user’s smart mobile phone.
With continuously innovating, WEQA is one of the fastest growing Australian tech company; making positive impact in the Digital market every day.

Our core values

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Solution that is simple to use is the best combination of technology and requirements.

We follow ‘Functional by Design’ as a principle to keep our solutions simple. By combining beauty and functionality with technical perfection, usability is boosted.

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Customer engagement

We put individuals and our customers at the center of everything we do. Keeping them involved at each stage of the project delivery ensures that there are no surprises in the end.

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Commitment and Accountability

Our team commits to the scope of each iteration that is set by the customer (and agreed by the team) and takes complete responsibility of its delivery.


Respecting all

Respect is very important to us; towards our Customers as well as within our team members. A healthy work environment is critical to the success of any project and the organisation. Our regularly held team collaboration activities and knowledge sharing sessions allow us to share vision of the company and respect for each other.

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Having fun and celebrating wins

Whether it is a friendly pool table challenge or a random dress up day, fun is always embedded in our workplace. This takes work out of the boring routine category and moves it into the fun aspect of life; reducing stress and conflicts at work. Adding to this, we celebrate all wins, big and small. Whether it is a successful project delivery or a medal won at the Spartan race, we find a reason to celebrate; keeping our work environment vibrant, healthy and full of joy.

Our Delivery Model

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We offer a flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model that allows you to select a tier that fits in your budget and provides the right level of service that meets your requirements. With services hosted in the cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, reliability and security is guaranteed. With SaaS delivery model comes peace of mind; since the setup, upgrades and maintenance become our responsibility, there is no hassle for your internal technology team. Our operation team, locally based in Sydney will ensure smooth delivery and ongoing maintenance and support – complementary with all SaaS tiers.

Iterative Implementation and Incremental Delivery

Practices such as pair programming and frameworks such Scrum and Kanban are common at our workplace. Our implementation is intentionally delivered in small iterations to ensure a low risk delivery and value from day one. Breaking things up into smaller pieces and delivering based on priority and maximum value set by the customer allows us to iterate smoothly and deliver efficiently. Every increment is built on top of the previous one; tested and signed-off before releasing into production and moving onto the next.

Retrospection and continuous improvement

At the end of each iteration, experiences and learnings are collected to ensure the next iteration is even more efficient. This non-disruptive implementation model also blends in with other milestones that your organisation is working through. Committed to international standards, our iterative four stage problem solving model – Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) (indicated by ISO 9001:2015) – enables us to improve and optimize management by continuously controlling activities and the production process.

Client Engagement

Our several years of experience in delivering IT solutions (tailored to the requirements of our clients) has concluded that every successful project requires a strong client engagement. We have carefully designed our delivery model to be more collaborative; incorporating feedback from the client during key decisions. Being iterative and incremental, our clients get to be involved at the iteration kick-off to confirm the scope and at the retrospective to provide their feedback. Visibility of the progress is provided throughout the iteration in real-time via the information radiators that are implemented right at the beginning. At no time during the implementation, our clients are left out of the loop.

User Training & Support

All the features and functionalities built in our products come with digital artefacts to assist you with training and support of your users. Additional support is also available from our friendly help desk staff and if requested then we are happy to come on-site and provide hands on training sessions.

Reliability & Data Security

Our development and operational procedures are aligned with the international standards for information security (ISO 27001 & 27002). Data is transferred securely over the encrypted SSL links and it is stored on the Amazon AWS cloud or Microsoft Azure instance based in Australia to ensure jurisdictional compliance. Our disaster recovery instance ensures that the reliability is not impacted and the availability of our systems is 99% as per the guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Promised Service Level Agreement

Our guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99% uptime will further solidify your trust in our product and provide maximum return on investment. A dedicated Account Manager will also be available to address any concerns or issues you may come across post implementation.

The WEQA Difference

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Customer Focused

Customer is always our top priority. We develop relationships with our clients and strongly believe that it forms the strong foundation that makes positive difference in their lives. We provide clear visibility of the progress throughout the delivery of the project and engage our customers at each step to ensure that the end result is in alignment with the vision they had in mind since the beginning.

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Productivity Boost

Our flexible architectural design makes our product highly configurable and that allows us to tailor it as per your specific requirements; offering the best user experience that your users deserve. Rather than designing our product to deliver functionality in a rigid way, we focused on the user journeys and incorporated relevant functions at the right points in the journey. This takes away unnecessary thinking on the user part and seamlessly assist them in achieving their desired outcome faster; and automatically increases their productivity.

Smarter fact based decisions

Smarter Fact-Based Decisions

Our Business Intelligence (BI) reporting engine takes the securely stored data from the data warehouse and converts it into informative smart reports that will arm you (and the senior management) with confidence needed to make critical financial decisions.

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Cutting edge technology

Our products are built on top of the latest technology stack in the industry, offering high security, scalability, reliability and most importantly best user experience. Although designed for the cutting-edge technology, we have taken extra care to make sure our products are compatible with older platforms; to cater for users that are in the process of transitioning.

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R&D based innovation

WEQA takes pride in its continuous innovation that is based on the ongoing R&D; backed up by 25% of the overall revenue generated by the company every year being directed towards it. Pioneering best technologies that are fit for purpose and offer further user convenience in achieving their goals, allows us to assist you in unlocking the potential in your workplace.

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While fully operational on their own, our products also integrate with each other seamlessly to offer a complete suite of end-to-end solution. Our carefully designed architecture caters for integration needs with other technologies that form the current eco system at your workplace.