Reduce Operational Costs And Boost Workplace Productivity In 2 Weeks

WEQA transforms conventional workplaces to future-ready hybrid and flexible workplaces easily, quickly and cost effectively!

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The fast and easy way to get a safe and highly productive workplace with our smart solutions.

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Reopen Your Workplace Safely With Perspective

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Tools To Connect Your Workplace With Users

WEQA offers a suite of premium workplace products to enhance office experience and boost their productivity.

Activity Based Working App

Perspective – Desk BookingΒ 

Our flagship desk booking app, Perspective, unlocks the potential of transforming any office environment to a fully hybrid workplace in just 2 weeks; without the need for any hardware upgrades.

  • Increased Productivity – Perspective will increase workplace productivity by reducing wasted time and frustration employees face when finding a desk that is close to their team members and meets their seating preferences.
  • Higher Utilization – Perspective will help track the usage of desks and various office assets so strategies for underused spaces can be planned.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Perspective will help reduce operational costs by providing data to help optimise office desk numbers and layout based on usage trends.
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πŸ“… Perspective

Desk Booking Solution That Will Save You $1,000s!

One day without Perspective is one less day of peak productivity in the office.


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ROI (over 2 years)

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Unlock Potential Savings With Perspective

Just input the number of desks in your office in this simple calculator and find out
how much savings you can get by implementing Perspective.

Future Proof & Modernize Your Workplace With

State-Of-The-Art Smart Locker Technology

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DiscovrLock – Smart Locker

Complementing every flexible work environment, DiscovrLock, is an easy to install, portable and wireless smart locker system that works without keys or cards.

  • Efficient utilisation – Lockers are self assigned based on availability with zero admin effort in allocation management.
  • Touchless access – No more hassle of lost keys or forgotten passcodes as DiscovrLock is accessed from user’s mobile phone.
  • Simple installation – IoT powered and Wi-Fi configured means locker banks require ZERO cabling. DiscovrLock can be freely moved around the workplace and plugged into a power point to start operating.
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πŸ” DiscovrLock

Keyless Lockers Accessible From Your Mobile Phone

DiscovrLock is a state-of-the-art locker system that keeps all staff belongings 100% secure in a hybrid work environment without the need for keys and computer cabling.



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Availability and Reliability

Integrate WEQA’s Smart Tech Solutions Into Your Workplace To Enhance Efficiency and Boost Productivity.


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